Change Log

To do list

– Read formats:  fb2, epub, djvu, mobi, xps, chm, cbr, cbz


Release 2.0.8 November 15th, 2013

– Fixed bugs;

Release 2.0.7 July 02th, 2013

– Fixed bug;

– Updated  Automatic reformatting of .txt files (autodetect headings etc.)
– Updated  Styles can be customised in wide range using external CSS

– Updated PDF format

– Resumption of the site of the program after the loss of the domain.

Release 2.0  September 7th, 2012

– Fixed bug;

– Updated    Hyphenation dictionaries

– Updated   Automatic reformatting of .txt files (autodetect headings etc.)

Release 1.2b January 19th, 2011

– Fixed bug;

– Updated    Table of contents
– Updated    Bookmarks

– Updated   Text search


Release 1.1b June 22nd, 2010

– Fixed bug;

– Updated Pages or scroll view

Release 1.0 April  5nd, 2010

Site opening program!